Q&A about the Content Scoring Engine: Blogging Platforms, Defining and Discovering High-Quality Content

Atomic Reach has introduced the online world to its shiny new Content Scoring Engine and now we hope to satisfy your curiosity answering this week’s burning questions.

Let’s get started!

1. How do I change my password?

If you have misplaced or forgotten your old password, simply shoot off an e-mail to info@atomicreach.com and we’ll quickly have your new password sent to you.

We’ve migrated everyone who have been a part of the old platform to the new one. It may have been a while since you visit your tribe, so we’re happy to help to get you signed in again! And if you’re looking for your tribe, it’s safe and sound right here:  atomiccuration.com

2. Is the Content Scoring Engine limited to any blogging platform?

Not at all! If you have an RSS feed, Atomic Reach can score it!

Here’s a few easy steps to start scoring your content:

  • Select your Source type.

If you have a WordPress.com account, pick WordPress to authenicate it.

Any other blog types, including WordPress.org accounts, pick RSS/ATOM.

  • Select your Style.

  • Select your Target Audience.

If you have a WordPress.com account, the platform will ask you to simply authenicate it.

Other blogging platform users must copy and paste their blog’s URL. Remember, at the end of the URL “/feed” must be included.

For example: http://www.yourdomainname.com/feed


3. How do you define and measure quality?

Think about what you like about your favourite blog. What makes it enjoyable to read or useful? Originally, sophistication, clarity and conciseness, and audience engagement may be one of the few things that may a great and successful blog.

We define high-quality content as something that meets the needs of your audience. Your content should attract your targeted readership and contain useful or entertaining information they want to read. Other important elements Atomic Reach considers is link performance, grammar and spelling, and social sharing. Everything is accounted for when the Content Scoring Engine calculates your content’s score.

If your questions haven’t been answered yet, leave a comment below or have a chat with us at: info@atomicreach.com.

Keep asking us questions! We love hearing from you.

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